We have some custom monuments added on a procedural map.
All default monuments are also still available.
New monuments are:

    • The Alcarust Prison (by Zyrex and Thisha)
    • The Submarines (by Lone)
    • Arcade and Cinema (by ZᗩTⓞ)
    • Little crime scene monument (by Zyrex)
    • Bridge and tunnel (by Keirox)


We had a QOL update on thursday together with the server wipe.

This wipe, we use procedural map again but I’ll add some extra little monuments during the wipe.


There will be a restart this evening for the Halloween update.

If you don’t want to search for the new monuments, here is a map:


On 3 October RustaChill will wipe and go back to monthly wipes.
This time we will use a cool custom map with new monuments and puzzles made by Keirox, be sure to come and check it out !!
Here is a trailer of the map:


Wipe day. This evening at 20:00 CEST there will be a full wipe.

If enough people are online pre-wipe, we can do a fun event like Scrap Heli fights. (around 19:00 CEST)

This is going to be the last biweekly wipe. After this we are going back to monthly wipes and it will stay this way.
The past few months we did try some multiple options: biweekly, monthly, bp and no bp wipes but at the end, the monthly full wipe was the best option.


Hosting provider will be moving to brand-new hardware and will be upgrading the network.
Between 2pm – 6pm (CEST), you may experience a very small amount of disruption. We don’t expect downtime to last more than 30 minutes, and you should only expect a single period of downtime.


It’s update day and time for a full wipe again. Update will be around 20:00 CEST.

So, what’s new with this update?

    • The new scrap transport heli
    • Anti aircraft buffs
    • Turrets now require electricity but you cannot drain them anymore
    • The small generator creates 35 power by burning low grade fuel
    • Pressure pads can now be hidden under rugs


It’s the last 2 days before wipe. For the remaining players we will make it more fun and enable the Halloween and Easter event.
On Thursday, before wipe around 18:00, we will do an event to raid the Castle island.

We will also try out a new rule next wipe. “No raiding the first 2,5 days, until Sunday noon 12:00 CEST.”


Tomorrow is full wipe day.
We put the server in fun mode for the last day, egghunt, halloween, xmas, …

The 01.08.19 wipe will be when the update gets released (around 20:00 – 21:00 CEST).
Before the wipe we will do a castle raid event, this will start around 18:00 CEST.


Wipe day. New map.
Wipe will be around 20:00 CEST


Castle War Event.

2 teams, 2 castles, fighting each other until only one remains.


Server and client update:

    • Problems with team member font on map fixed
    • Scope problems on large screens fixed
    • Troughs for horses requiring too much food fixed
    • Minicopter copilot cannot access fuel anymore


The full wipe this evening comes with the new update:

    • New improved horses with hitching post and trough
    • Minicopter fuel gauge
    • Better network performance and other optimizations
    • Other bug fixes


Full wipe tomorrow. With the new host ip you may have to search for rustachill under community. If you have problems finding the server, just join discord and let us know.


Chippy Arcade Event.
24 hour contest where the 3 best high scores get prizes.


Server and client update incoming this evening.

      • Imporved performance
      • Chippy Arcade


Server moving to other hosting provider.
If you did add RustaChill to ‘Favourited’ you will need to search for it under ‘Community’ and add it again as favourite.


Server and client update incoming this evening.

      • HDRP (better visuals with better performance)
      • Water improvements
      • Ragdoll improvements
      • Horse update and fixes
      • New skins
      • Other bug fixes


The first event of this wipe will be on Saturday 15.06.19, the ‘Cowboy Event’.

It will be a horse race with a shooting range.


Server moved to better hardware